Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bill Frist is Not Guilty- So WHAT?

Man, oh, man. There is NOTHING louder or more annoying than a bunch of Right-Wing Republicans who think they've been wronged by the "Liberal Media". Not even Barbara Streisand sounds so shrill.

Thus, the cacophony started the other day with the news that Bill Frist had been found not guilty of stock fraud.

Here is a little clip from the Wall Street Journal:

When insider-trading allegations against former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist surfaced back in 2005, they were splashed on the pages of major newspapers from coast to coast. Now that Dr. Frist has been vindicated, the silence is instructive. Is anybody out there?

Listen? Hear that? That is the small plaintive voice of the wronged right wing crying:
"Is Anybody Out there?"

It breaks my heart, it really does, and so, on behalf of Liberals everywhere, I offer the following FRONT PAGE headline:


WASHINGTON- In a shocking development, the Securities and Exchange Commission found a high ranking Republican not guilty of stock fraud this week.

"Well, I guess there is a first time for everything," said old timer....

* As a medical student, young Frist was known to adopt local pet cats from the humane society and then dissect them. He did this, he said, to improve his grades. It is probably a coincidence that the FBI lists bed-wetting, fire setting, and cruelty to animals, as early warning signs that a child might grow up to be a serial killer.

See this entry for more detail:

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