Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain Plays Fair- Restores My Hopes for Obama

I was concerned about the choice of Joe Biden as VP. Although he brings a great deal of experience to the table in foreign relations and political longevity, I was cautious about the shadows of plagiarism and crony-ism that lurk in the darker corners of his history.

The more I watched him next to Obama, however, the more I started to enjoy the contrast between the two...Joe Biden makes Barack Obama look damn good...reminding me as I watch, that Obama is a cut above the rest as a speaker and a motivator.

And now, McCain has played fair- he also has chosen a running mate who brings many problems to the table. You say Obama is young? Well, Palin just dropped off the turnip truck! Two Republican strategiests, quoted in the Washington Post said:

"I would rather be arguing with conservatives about abortion than with the Democrats about a lack of experience on our own ticket."

"She really destroys the 'not ready' mantra,"

According to another Post article, they call her Sarah Barracuda- both because of her tancity, and her record of turning on her political patrons. Starting with the politician who first urged her to run for City Council to the Republican Governor of Alaska- all have befriended her, and all have been thwarted or defeated by her.

Still, the record is a bit more complicated than that. In each case, it seems from a brief first reading that she turned on these sponsors and mentors because she found them not pure enough.

She certainly seems like that rare political animal: Someone who practices what they preach.

  • She's against Abortion. However, when her own child was diagnosed with Down's Syndrom, she acted in accordance with her beliefs and had the baby.
  • She is a fiscal conservative, and as Governor she sold the jet plane of the previous Republican Governor. And she opposes large federal projects, even though it would mean money and jobs to her state.
  • She is of Bush's war party, and yet, unlike most senior politicians, her son is actually off to war.
Americans are so used to hypocrisy from their politicians that, when they meet one who actually says one thing, and does the same thing, they tend to be dazzled- respecting the character of the person so much, that they overlook the fact that the things the honest politician believes and stands up for are not, actually, possitions with which they agree at all.

(I remember friends in 2000 who liked McCain because he was a "stand up" guy- yes, I would answer, he is-- but what's he standing up for?)

For all of her advantages, like Biden, she has a weakness...She's a Woman, but she is against Freedom of Choice. She's a Christian, but a hard right evangelical one, attractive to the base but frightening to those of us who value our OWN religious freedom. She's Upright, but a Barracuda.

And maybe just a bit of a hypocrite after all, it seems she may have tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired, and then fired the man who wouldn't do it. Like Biden, however, there is enough ambiguity here, however, to cast doubt, but possibly not to condemn her- some reports say this ex-brother-in-law was a cop who tazered his step-son, and other unpleasant things....

All in all, by chosen Sarah Palin, McCain has leveled the playing field again...and that gives me good hope, because I believe that, in fair fight, we can take the GOP this time...

...and the consequences for the country are unthinkable should we fail.

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