Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Leave it at the Door? Fat Chance- I'd Rather Fix Some Blame.

Ever since the financial crises exploded onto the national consciousness last week, we've been hearing calls (mostly from the Republicans) to "tone down" the "partisan" rhetoric.

In Iowa, John McCain declared that: "Our leaders are expected to leave partisanship at the door and come to the table to solve our problems..."

[Let us completely ignore the hypocrisy in this statement. After "Super John McSame" Suspended His Campaign last week and FLEW to Washington to lead his colleagues out of the mire of negotiations- is there any one left in the room who does not think that was a partisan stunt?

And let us pause to consider that- after seizing the high ground for himself in this speech by decrying partisanship- Super McSame immediately launched into a partisan polemic about how OBAMA and other dirty Democrats had sullied the process by injecting partisanship into the process. Somebody had better tell McSame that you can't take the low road and the high road at the same time...that's what you need a running mate for...oh, oops! We don't want her to Meet the Press again, though, do we?]

Immediately after his partisan call to stop the petty partisanship, McSame said:" Now is not the time to fix the blame. It's time to fix the problem."

This has become THE Republican Line of the 21st Century. Every time something is broken by the folks in charge (who, I will partisanly point out, all seem to have little "R"s behind their names)- the folks who did the breaking rush forward and say: NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO FIX THE BLAME...now is...etc. etc.

What a load of Elephant S#*t!

I only wish I could have behaved this way as a child. Imagine: my mom comes into the kitchen at 2:00am. I'm six, standing in my pajamas, with a broken cookie jar at my feet. As my mom's face begins to cloud with fury, I pull myself up to my full two foot hight and declare, more in sorrow than in anger: "Mother. Now is not the time to fix the blame. Now is the time to fix the cookie jar."

If I had done that, I would have wound up with a very warm behind, and THEN my mom would have fixed the cookie jar.

And it's for damn sure I wouldn't have tried to break it again for a while, either.

So, as Democrats, let's feel free to acknowledge that we choose to be Democrats for a REASON! WE THINK WE'VE got BETTER ANSWERS! And while we're at it, let's fix some blame!

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