Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Michele Bachmann: Evil Incarnate, Just Plain Stupid, or All of the Above.

No need to write much today...spend a few moments listening to the odd, bizarre, and just plain slimy inner monologue of Minnesota's Own Michele Bachmann.

Visit The Huffington Post to learn the shocking Truth:


PS- The really amazing thing is listening to the Republicans bitch about things that the Democrats are supposedly doing--- and looking back at the last 8 years (and then some) every crime these NUTS accuse the Donkey of contemplating, they have already have been able to do.

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www.blogger.com said...

notice bushs two unfunded wars, cheneys theft through haliburton the biggest tax cut for the rich EVER,death of 6500 soldiers 65000 missing limbs or brain problems bush raised the dficit twice as much as obama, all hes done so far is try to put this country back on track meeting idiots at every turn, because (i hate to say it but no one else will (hes black).but these yahoos underestimate the american public. they dont have a snowballs chance in hell of even getting25% of the vote in this country and when ryan is recalled in nov. theres going to be quite the enlightenment in the republican party. In fact they have already alianated 75% of this country, and I dont believe theres any possible way for them to come back I believe there will be a 1 party government in 2012. sorry for being so blunt but dont take my word for it wait until Nov. when Ryan is tossed out of office regardless of all the cash being thrown around in that state by the C brothers.