Friday, March 28, 2008

The Things You See...

When You're Out Without Your Gun.

Wow. First I don't post for most of a week, and now, every time I want to stop, something else comes up that I just must share....

...here's the latest.

I happened to mention Katherine Harris and googled for a photo of her (which I didn't end up using- I'll save it though, it's a beaut!) and came across this Website...

...this is the kind of thing you have to keep reading just to see if it's a joke...and the kind of thing that makes your blood run cold when you find out...it isn't.

Here is a sample of the latest entry from Rev. Paul T. Hipple:

Since the Earth is not cooling, we can conclude that God the Steward is clearly not concerned in the slightest, and God feels that secular climatologists, led by Al Gore, are acting in an unnecessarily alarming way, which will destroy our Way of Life.

After looking just a bit further, you begin to feel a vague sense of relief...this is satire after all...but then you go all cold again...because it's so close to the truth that you almost CAN'T TELL.

(Cue: Twilight Zone Theme)

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