Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who YOU Calling a HYPOCRITE, You HYPOCRITE? The Fall of Elliot Spitzer. Unwitting Right-Wing Hypocrisy.

Okay- if you want the big picture on Elliot Spitzer, go some place else. I really don't have a dog in this fight- I'm not from New York, I got other things on my mind, yada, yada.

But it will keep coming up...so here is just a short glimpse at a small slice of a little tiny piece of the public reaction to the scandal.

So I've got this right-wing Republican Pen Pal...you know the type, you've probably got an Uncle or a Brother in Law just like him. Let's call him- Uncle Frank. He's the one who sends you those emails that Obama is a radical Muslim, or that Hillary spits on veterans. He is the one who still hates Bill Clinton and who thinks that George W. Bush's election showed the will of God.

Well, naturally, Uncle Frank is having fun with the Elliot Spitzer scandal....and why shouldn't he? Elliot Spitzer has proved himself to be a "sanctimonious rat bastard" (in the words of a more liberal friend)--- and partisan Republicans have every right to glory in every moment of this...

No, I'm not mad at the Republicans, but at Spitzer- it is he, after all, who has done a great deal to discredit the fight against corporate America...but when Wall Street starts popping Champaign Corks over the fall of a cause and a politician, then you know it does not bode well for Main Street.

So anyway-- I get this email from my Radical Right Wing Pen Pal--- forwarded through the slimy, greasy subterranean Right Wing email underground- and, sure enough, it's from the production department at some so-called "News Radio" station (which means that they carry wall-to-wall Limbaugh all day- interspersed with a little Beck- you know, with call letters like "WNZI" or something like that- "WNZI: All Nazi, All the Time.")

It's here, but I don't recommend it for the humor. (just click on these pictures to make them larger, you'll get all you need.)

It's a comedy bit cooked up by the vultures at the station's production department...Lampooning Spitzer for hiring prostitutes...

And right they are...it's illegal, it's immoral, and it's a rotten thing to do to your wife on the day before Valentine's Day. They should be outraged...

...and then, I checked out the link at the top of the page "Politically Incorrect" - and when I got there, what did I find, but a bunch of half naked babes under the heading:


And I thought- Wow!

Just imagine, conservative old Uncle Frank sits down to a day's trading- laughs his ass off over this half-baked Spitzer lampoon- and then full of moral self-satisfaction that he is a Republican and therefore far above the squalid doings of Democrats-- clicks the Wet On the Net link and spends the next six minutes wondering if he dare do odd things under his desk.

I wonder if Aunt Frank would appreciate that?

And I know, KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that Uncle Frank will NEVER, EVER understand the deep irony behind his visit to this sanctimonious, rat bastard little right-wing website.


Elisa said...

And as it pertains the the vast right-wing conspiracy that helped to bring down Spitzer, I heard on Amy Goodman last night about how Ken Langone -- former NYSE exec, and one of the targets of Spitzer's investigations -- was Rudy's finance chief. The commentator spoke about how Spitzer was on record as saying that he was going to put a 'stake through Langone's heart'. Rumors are now circulating that Rudy will run for NY Guv. I don't think any of this was just a random investigation that just stumbled upon Spitzer, but rather an orchestrated comeupance... all the more reason that Spitzer should have been watching his back rather than being so cavalierly arrogant in his personal life.

And you can quote me.


Earthnut said...

And you're actually surprised by that website? Although the *occasional" Democrat makes this kind of poor decision, it's the Republicans who can't keep it in their pants... or inside their bathroom stalls... on a repeated basis. Any time you hear someone preaching or proselytizing, just wait... and they will do exactly what they preached against. Oh, and I voted for Hillary in the primary (that doesn't count... doh!), but I wouldn't now. She's been very petty in the past few months. And whiny. Oh, poor me. No one wants a president who doesn't think people are *fair* to her... life isn't fair! Deal with it! As a woman, it's her job to prove that she can beat the odds... not that the odds are beating her because people aren't fair.