Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Message to Vermont Kossacks:
Stop Peeing in the Grill, This Going to be A Great Party!

Because of household repairs, my computer has been offline for about a week. This means I haven’t been blogging. But I have been reading the news, and I am having a great time.

Still, that’s not true of everyone. Certainly, Bush hasn’t been having a great time. But it seems like there is faction over at the very lefty Green Mountain Daily who are not having as much fun as they should be, either.

So I have a message for them: CHEER UP! …and stop peeing in the bar-B-Que pit! This is shaping up to be a great party that’s going to go on until 2008, and then we are REALLY going open up the “whup ass” and have some fun!

[Just in case you missed it, Vermont Daily Briefing has a great post about the clean new wind scouring the land.]

The firing of the U.S. Attorney generals is NOT going to lead directly to an impeachment. The president can hire and fire U.S. Attorney’s at will, for good reason, or bad reason, or no reason at all. They serve at his pleasure. There is an excellent article on the subject by ADAM LIPTAK in the New York Times, March 18th.

However, MOST Presidents don’t fire U.S Attorney’s just for political reasons. It makes them look like they are, to quote (ha!) Bush himself: “On a Partisan Witch Hunt”.

It’s a lot of fun to see Patrick Leahy out in front like (as one commenter on GMD put it) “a junk yard dog”.

And it’s going to make Bush appear even more the twisted, tiny, ineffectual little man than he does already.

Much more of this and the American people will finally say: F#%k you! Both to the President and to the Party he rode in on.

Everything that Democrats have been saying is finally being proven true and the Republican bastards are starting to feel the heat.

So, why is it that when you go to an ultra lefty site like Green Mountain Daily, the mood is often SOOO dark that you feel like George W. Bush just go elected to a third term?

Consider this comment from JDRyan- somebody I have a lot of respect for- attached to an essay begging for “impeachment” (again!):
Is it just me
or are some of you baffled at how our delegation is hardly paying attention to this? I'm particularly shocked about Bernie.. considering his anti-Bush rhetoric is par for the course, you'd figure at least he'd be on board

Seriously: Leahy, Bernie and others have finally got the Bushies on the ropes, and are making them look like crooks and morons every day and night on the evening news. Yet, the Daily Kos “Kossac” crowd is all but accusing our congressional delegation of participating in some deep dark conspiracy to keep the Impeachment talk out of the State House.

Maybe they are correct. Maybe this is a Conspiracy of Power. But maybe, just maybe, these seasoned old political infighters have just a bit more experience than we are giving them credit for.

Maybe tricky old foxes like Leahy and Sanders know what’s possible, and what’s not possible, and how to use reality to their credit to bring the Bush Blitzkrieg to a stop.

I’d love to see Bush be humiliated and removed from office, but much more importantly, I’d love to see the damage he has done be reversed.

Frankly, I’d say that Pat Leahy and Bernie Sanders and most of the rest of the Democrats are off to a damn fine start.


Causal said...

I'll help you brush up on your Constitution.
Impeachment isn't about criminality, it's about abuse of power. Even if that weren't the case, administration officials lied to Congress (a crime). And if higher ups conspired to have those officials lie, also a crime. Officials may have also intervened in Grand Jury cases, also a crime. Ooops!

Anonymous said...

NO! NO! NO! We all know impeachment is actually about somone getting their rocks off in the White House, much to the shock and horror of the nation, and ignoring the complete history of sex and mistresses that has gone on in the Oval office.

J.D. Ryan said...

Alex, you make me laugh, bro.. 'the far-left GMD'.. At least you didn't call us 'centrist'.

My Bernie comment was merely an observation on a larger idea, that since he's been in the Senate, he seems to have lost a lot of his fire...

Alex said...

Dear Casual-

As nice as that sounds, and as much as I wish that it were true, I must beg to disagree with your interpretation of the Constitution. There are three impeachable offenses outlined in the U.S. constitution- article 2, section 4.

They are:

1) Treason
2) Bribery
3) High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

A move to begin Impeachment Proceedings starts in the U.S. House. The trial takes place in the U.S. Senate. Conviction and Removal from Office requires a 2/3 majority to pass.

(If you care, I’ve written about this here.)

So far, there is not a lot of possibility that Bush could be removed from office for any of those crimes.

I don't know about you, but I am not interested in protest marches, or grand rhetorical statements.

They are without value.

Only RESULTS have value.

AT THIS STAGE (read those words carefully- I'm not saying "forever"- I'm saying "for now") a call from the US House to impeach the President would be nothing more than street theater...

...in fact, it would be worse, because it would provide Bush with a headline to hold over his head that says "BUSH: NOT GUILTY!"

Do you want to give Bush that gift?

I sure as hell don't.

What I want is see Bush's political feet held to fire.

I want the American People to see him and his party for what they are.

And, for the first time since 1980- I want the heirs of Reagan to be linked to trouble this country is in.

The Democrats are doing FINE!

IF they find a "smoking gun" in the meantime, and have a good chance of convicting Bush in the Senate...then I’d say GO.

But they don't have it now.

Alex said...

Dear Casual-

(cont'd) However, just because we can't actually remove Bush from office, doesn't mean we can't keep going the way we are going and hamstring him and his allies until they are the point where they can do NO MORE DAMAGE...

...then, in 2008, we start pushing back.

Alex said...

Dear J.D. Ryan-

Yes, you old Lefty you! :)

Although I had to admit that I somewhat unfairly chose you as a symbol for a problem that goes way beyond you (that and your Sander’s remark gave me the right quote).

Still, anybody who accuses Sanders of getting into bed with the Establishment is voicing an opinion that is pretty far to the left!

I don't know how often you get out to visit the United States of America, but it's this real conservative place we live near where Patrick Leahy is viewed as a Liberal, and Bernie is viewed as a radical, and most of the "Democrats" on GMD would be classified as "F*&king Hippies!"

Now, I love almost everybody I read over at GMD-- HOWEVER, truth must be faced...you're all a buncha lefties!!

(Note: While not completely facetious, this comment should be taken with a friendly grain of salt please)

My main point in all of this is that if the center-left focuses myopically on "Impeachment" as the remedy for all Evils, a few nasty things could happen:

1) Impeachment won't occur.
2) Bush is "Exonerated" in the Senate.
3) Liberals become demoralized and tempted to engage in "eating their own" (we see this at GMD with Sanders, Leahy, Symington, and Welch) when they should be focused on the Massive Job ahead...

...cleaning up after Bush is gone.

Cidman said...

I personaly think the extremists on both sides have completely lost their minds...Where are all the normal people hiding?

The wackos on the right got us into this mess under false pretense and the wackos on the left want to admit defeat and go home....like that will help in the long run! Until the moderates come out from under their rock and get some traction, I'm afraid we will be doomed to more partisan leadership no matter what side of the aisle they're from. Perhaps in 2012....

Alex said...


The normal people are hiding in front of a reality TV show.