Sunday, March 25, 2007

Welcome to Parasite Gal
Rip And Read Turns 100

Louse Yesterday, Rip and Read ran a picture of a pudgy, hypocritical Texas Republican. Today, we are running a picture of a louse. As much as you might like to think that there is a connection, it must be denied.

The louse is on Rip and Read because we take this opportunity to welcome Parasite Gal to the blog roll and wish her well in her new online venture.

So, when you tire of reading about Republicans here at Rip and Read, take a virtual stroll over to Parasite Wonders .There, you will learn how the OTHER half of the Parasite World lives.

Also, it must be noted that with the posting of this announcement, Rip and Read turns 100 today! This entry marks our 100th post. Happy Milestone to us. Here are links to some of our favorite entries:

Of course, we must admit that, as much as we've learned from writing these essays, the post which generates the most hits on Google is still our second entry: Peeing In the Shower On You Tube. We suspect that this popularity has more to do with the inclusion of the word "pee" in the title than in our brilliant political analysis. It's a sick world, but hey! We'll take what we can get.

Thanks, too, to Vermont Daily Briefing for the chance to participate in The League Of Extraordinary Republican Gentleman. It's been a lot of fun!

Congressman Gohmer...ah, GohMERT
Again, We must note that it is merely a coincidence that Representative Gohmert's Picture is juxtaposed with that of a louse. There is no other connection. As they say in the movie business, any resemblance is completely coincidental. Honest.


J.D. Ryan said...

I got you beat in the strange google entry dept... 'Asian tradition + marriage + eating poop'... don't ask.

Alex said...

I don't need to ask why it's in your site, I'm sure it's legit.

I don't WANT to ask why someone would search that...


Of course, now that you've shared the comment, I'll get it too.

Great thing, this here internet.