Friday, March 30, 2007

Republican Corruption at the GSA
But Where Is The Story?

Yesterday, Laurita Doan was grilled by members of the House Oversight Committee, Democrats wondered how it was that Doan, could not remember the meeting in which she may have violated the law by offering to use her Government Agency to help Republican Candidates.

NPR has the Story.

In her testimony, Doan preferred to emphasize her entrepreneurial efforts. But Democrats were interested in other things: a contract that she tried to award to an old friend; negotiations with Sun Microsystems, in which she became involved; and, more especially, the briefing. In January, Scott Jennings — the top aide to White House political adviser Karl Rove — talked to GSA political appointees about the 2006 election results and the Republican goals for 2008.

However, NPR does NOT have the story on it's front page. You have to search for it.

Meanwhile- here were the story's that the AP felt were important enough to serve me at breakfast:

AP: Top Stories

Iran broadcasts British sailor's apology - 10 minutes ago
Coaltion forces detain Iraq bomb suspect - one hour ago
Report: Helicopter shot down in Somalia - 2 hours ago
Dems edge closer to showdown over Iraq - 2 hours ago
Giuliani faces questions about Sept. 11 - 42 minutes ago
Milk prices expected to rise 9 percent - one hour ago
ICANN rejects creation of '.xxx' domain - one hour ago
Prosecutors: Revoke Hilton's probation - one hour ago

Neither the Attourny General who-ha, OR the GSA story makes the list-- but porn AND Paris Hilton do...

And so I ask again...WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA?

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