Sunday, December 28, 2008

Obama's Moderately Fantastic New Year

The Obama presidency is shaping up even better than hoped for at Rip and Read. Hillary Clinton at State, and many other DLC Democrats in the Cabinet, maybe the Daily Kos crowd will finally go off and form their own party. This is going to be an administration which will be inclined to remember BOTH parts of Theodore Roosevelt's dictum: It will remember that speaking softly is as important as caring the big stick...still, the stick will be used when necessary and that is comforting.
In addition, while we will see a recognition that it is the working and middle class which maintains America's success- and witness genuine attempts to help them, we will not see a government blind to the needs of business and commerce. And, it is my profound hope that we will see, before we attempt to continue with the much needed progressive work of the Democratic party, a serious attempt to restore the financial health of the nation...for if that fails, then no progressive measure we can take has a hope of success.

There is a good article at Politico on this subject