Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MWMB 24: The Comet & Geoff Show

Alex was at the Al Franken Cry-Babies Anonymous Vegan Bar-B-Que and Air Force Bake Sale this week,  and Jim was at an undisclosed location with the Montana Militia somewhere near Mount Limbaugh.  Honestly, we'd just planed on picking up the show next week.  Imagine our surprise when we returned and found this tape from Cabbage Patch Geoff and Comet the Conservative Talking Wonder Dog....seems like the end of  Kadafi  was worth a song....right on!

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A New Bumper Sticker for you...

This morning, as I was driving my wife to work, I fell in behind a car covered with bumper stickers...anti-choice, tea party, Jesus, and a bumper sticker that said "I [heart] my wife"...

Wow, I [heart] mine too...but putting it on a bumper sticker seems, well, kind of icky. Of course, I recognized it as being from Promise Keepers...

Anyway, I realized that, what this person REALLY needed was ONE bumper sticker that covered it all. So, Rip and Read has fashioned the one you see above...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

MWMB 23: Wiener Nation

We’re back!  Right Wing Jim and Liberal Alex return as Middle Aged White Men Bit---er, Complaining (It’s a Family Show).  Comet the Talking Conservative Wonder Dog visits “Occupy Wall Street”.  Jim and Alex discuss the merits of Canadian Beer. President Obama hits the road again and Cabbage Patch Geoff  regales us with song.  Plus, this week’s MWMB Salute leads Jim to speculate: Has the US become a nation of wieners?  Join us, won’t you?


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MWMB 22: ...or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

PRESS PLAY!  It's MWMB's 22nd episode.  This week we learn what Comet's favorite  edible endangered species is (Comet is a Conservative Talking Wonder Dog).  Jim and Alex look at the, ahem, "stiff" competition for the open Senate seat in Mass, where one of the candidates posed nude for Cosmo.  We wonder if Herman Cain put his foot in his Pizza Hole with his "If you're out of work, Blame Yourself" comment. Geoff sings on behalf of the 99% and Jim reveals the horrible secret behind  Alex's bow tie...OH, and the Salute this week is a doozy- do you know who to root for? Because we don't.  Turn up your speakers and join us for MWMB, won't you?

Links to this week's stories:


Herman Cain



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Friday, October 07, 2011

A PC says GOODBYE to Steve Jobs

As I watched the candle light vigils and saw the grief I was reminded of...well, Princess Diana actually.

Here is my tribute to Steve Jobs.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

MWMB 21: It's Liberal Season

Please Listen, we don't exist unless you listen.  Jim and Alex are back with another batch of home-brewed political commentary. Grab yer guns, 'cause Jim has declaired it open season on Liberals. Comet runs off with a girl beagle...are they running for president or just out hunting Commies?  Jim and Alex touch on Obama's Jobs Bill, Steve Job's passing, Christie says "No Means No!" and, as promised, a discussion of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan.  Cabbage Patch Geoff cheers on the Wall Street Protesters,  and we do a VERY SPECIAL SALUTE to a VERY SPECIAL YOUNG MAN...yes, that's right, Kagan the Zucchini Shootin'  9 year old has done it again!  Don't miss MWMB, your source for homemade rhetoric.


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