Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MWMB 24: The Comet & Geoff Show

Alex was at the Al Franken Cry-Babies Anonymous Vegan Bar-B-Que and Air Force Bake Sale this week,  and Jim was at an undisclosed location with the Montana Militia somewhere near Mount Limbaugh.  Honestly, we'd just planed on picking up the show next week.  Imagine our surprise when we returned and found this tape from Cabbage Patch Geoff and Comet the Conservative Talking Wonder Dog....seems like the end of  Kadafi  was worth a song....right on!

MWMB24_Comet-Geoff.psd Download this file

Mwmb 24 Comet & Geoff by Mwmb Listen on Posterous

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