Monday, March 19, 2012

MWMB 35: Worse than Dead Fish

After two weeks in an open can, not many things are worse than dead fish.  A podcast about politics is one of them however.  Due to laziness on the part of our producer, MWMB weighs in on things that happened eons ago...before St. Paddy's day, even.  STILL, in every clod of dirt is at least one small shiny thing....so,  skip to the end and find out why we REALLY have daylight savings time and what giant crickets had to do with it.  Enjoy.

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Monday, March 05, 2012

MWMB 34: Rush to Judgement

Talk politics with your virtual friends as MWMB returns to the webwaves after a month long hiatus.  Alex learns that he missed Strauss Kahn going to jail in France, the warm friendly hand of Putin caressing the Russian voters, and of course, we talk about how Rush Limbaugh put his foot in his mouth. Sandra Fluke offered the Testimony that she was not allowed to give on the floor of Congress and Rush calls her a nasty, nasty word. 


Mwmb 34: Rush To Judgement Listen on Posterous