Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Al Gore Endorses Vermont's H520 Energy Bill

I just got an email alert from the Vermont Democratic Party...
Breaking News: Climate Change Bill gets Gore's support!

Vice President Al Gore has educated the nation on the threat of global climate change. Now, the Vice President has taken notice of the Vermont legislature's groundbreaking Energy Efficiency and Affordability Act and is offering his support for this legislation.

Vice President Gore confirmed Wednesday morning that he will issue a live statement in support of Vermont's legislation via video conferencing Thursday, June 7 at 3 p.m. Senate Pro Tem Peter Shumlin and Speaker Gaye Symington will introduce the Vice President at the Vermont Interactive Television studio in Montpelier. If you can't make it to the capital, satellite studios will be open in Bennington, Brattleboro, Middlebury, Williston and Saint Albans.

Of course, this makes me happy...however...as a member of the cast of Audio Dream Theater...I already knew Gore was in tight with our team!

Post Script

Although some businesses have expressed concern about H.520 others realize that this is a "pro-business" bill...or, at least, it's pro the kind of businesses that SHOULD define Vermont...Hear audio of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Press Conference here.

Also, Freyne has an interesting email from Rep. Tony Klein on his blog--here's the quote:
I noticed the [Douglas Administration] never mentioned the
companies that do support H.520 like our homegrown Ben and Jerry's, Green
Mountain Roasters and NRG Systems among many others. These companies were
created here by Vermonter's.

The Companies that [the Douglas Administration]seems to only represent
certainly weren't created here and certainly don't have their headquarters
located within the boundaries of Vermont.

Well Said.

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