Monday, June 04, 2007

The NEW New Nixon
Audio Dream Theater Returns

Nixon _Returns_byADBThey may have called Bill Clinton the "Come Back Kid", but perhaps the American Politician who reinvented himself most successfully, time and time again, was Richard Nixon. In each new permutation, we were told that this was "The New Nixon".

Well, this twisted and fascinating man is gone now...and, wherever he is, it must really irk him that he can't make just one more comeback.

At least he couldn't...until now!

You see, Nixon IS back.

And it's all thanks to Philip Baruth over at Vermont Daily Briefing.

Thanks to Philip's wizardry at the typewriter, Nixon has found his way back into the arena in the latest episode of Audio Dream Theater's League of Extraordinary Republican Gentlemen.

Episode 3: Statehouse of the Living Dead features the voice-work of:

It probably goes without saying that I feel very lucky to be a part of this little acting company...but I'll say it anyway, because I am.

I hope you enjoy Statehouse of the Living Dead! at least half as much as I enjoyed working on it!


Kate said...

great job, as always! i know you hate to hear this so soon after finishing production... but i gobbled it up (as i was meant to do), and i'm waiting eagerly for the next one! go george lucas with this and make toys - a talking dubie doll with burger king crown ("we're all gonna die! he was a beautiful man with a beautiful monotone"), and jimdoug avec scissors and ketchup packet.

Alex said...

I think we should see if we could get Steve to make us those action figures!

In the meantime, here's a pic to check out!