Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Couple Of Random Things That Yanked My Chain

No real time for a blog today...but I still got some complainin' to do.

AMERICA - Your Prius is ready.

Driving through Boston yesterday, I saw a billboard from Toyota that Said "America, Your Prius is Ready"...if that doesn't just say it all...that we...the former heavyweight champion of the manufacturing world...are waiting on some other country to serve us up the right car. Whooff!

Republican Fundraising- Bush's Birthday.

The DOP (that would be: Damned Old Party) is sending Bush a Birthday Card...and asking for money! You can see it here for yourself...I don't even have to go into why this bugged me, do I?

Bill O'Reilly: The No Spin Zone.

I was standing in line waiting for my sandwich and heard the announcer introduce Bill O'Reilly's show as "The No Spin Zone"....what a lot of crap!

Oh well...back to work.

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