Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Democrats Loose Traction
Shhh, shh, the GOVERNOR'S coming

Well, you know what they say...it's all fun and games until somebody looses an "aye".

Vermont Democrats have talked tough, but at the last minute, they ducked and swerved on H. 520. The picture at left shows my present opinion of Democratic Leadership. (And yes, I suppose some of my fellow bloggers are entitled to watch me eat a piece of humble pie at the blogger's barbecue.)

First, in an excess of politeness, they decided NOT to move the July 11th veto session until later in the year to give themselves more time and more votes to override the Governor's Veto on H.520.

From the AP (via Boston.com):

Symington had said the day before that she was contemplating delaying the
July 11 vote until September to accommodate some lawmakers that said they
couldn't make it to the Statehouse that day.
But Republican legislators
wanted the session held July 11, as scheduled.
"I've had a commitment from each and every one of the 49 Republicans to be there on July 11, but I know that Democrats don't have a full slate," said House Minority Leader Steve Adams, R-Hartland.
Symington said she decided not to change the date after speaking with the minority party caucuses.

That's what I like about Democrats...we're so NICE! We speak to the minority and make things convenient for them....and I'm sure, positive, that the Republicans would do the very same for us...they are such decent folk. (Careful, dear reader, or some of my dripping sarcasm will fall on your shoe.)

Now, after talking tough and even bringing AL GORE into the act...Vermont Legislators turned tail and dropped the tax on Vermont Yankee at the last minute...maybe, they begged Governor "BIG JIM" Douglas....you'll like us better now, please, sir, please?

And of course, the Gov. smiled and said, "No. I don't like you any better than I did before. I'm STILL going to Veto your bill. And now, I've taken your measure and found that you, despite your numbers, are lacking in strength, in determination, and will power."

And I'm sure we Democrats will growl, and show our tiny little yellow teeth, and then go cower in a dark hole somewhere.

This was a clear case of what we should do (H.520- combating global warming, promoting exciting new Vermont businesses, not giving Nuclear Power a cheaper tax rate than wind energy) and what we shouldn't do...

As a friend of mine just put it: "Sometimes, you have to draw the line and just stand there...win or loose."

Sometimes, it's the Heroic Last Stand (the Alamo, Masada, Roland and Rear-Guard) that gives others the courage to carry the fight to victory...but Vermont's Democrats have refused to do that. They have decided to play it very safe...

...and that makes me very sad, very sorry, and frankly, very much less likely to lick a stamp or write a check the next time around.

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Anonymous said...

you've come to your senses!!