Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Dinner with Peter Welch

Sometimes, it’s worth it just to hear what you already know. Tonight, I attended the Burlington Democrats’ “Sunday Supper with Peter Welch”. It was a beautiful evening, and the St. John’s Club is a fine place to sip a beer and watch the sun settle down over Lake Champlain.

And, as always, Vermont Politics never ceases to amaze me…in what other state but this could a nobody like me mingle with Jill Krowinski, Executive Director of the Vermont State Democratic Party, State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan, former Governor Madeline Kunin, and a host of other party dignitaries and still find a couple of friends to comfortably shoot the breeze with about nothing in particular?... That is what Democracy should be but some times I'm afraid we've cornered the market in Vermont with out meaning to.

Nothing very important happened…a crowd of semi-friendly Pro-Impeachment protesters waited out front to press their opinions on the congressmen. Peter Freyne was outside for the meeting (where a good reporter should be) and if there was anything of note that happened, I’m sure you can find it on his blog.

Peter Welch entered and gave his speech. Mostly thanking us, his fellow Democrats, for the work we did last fall in helping him get to Washington. Having licked a couple of envelopes myself, I have to admit I enjoyed my teeny tiny little moment of vicarious triumph. “I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I am enjoying the job”, he said. I don’t doubt it…his work on the Waxman committee alone has got to be a blast.

Another one of the things that made an impression on him is that so much of the time spent in Washington, on areas such as democracy, the environment, is all devoted just to trying to achieve things that have been a reality in Vermont for a long time.

All this put me in a fine mood to sit and hear a sermon to the choir, and Peter Welch gave a short but rousing one, revisiting the themes from the campaign. The main difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, he argued, is that they say: “You’re On Your Own”, we say: “We’re in this together.” It’s like listening to old favorite song on the radio…sure, you know all the words…but they still make sense…and they still ring true...every time.

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