Sunday, October 21, 2007


We have Halloween over here...more than a few stores are selling costumes and spiders and pirate stuff....and it's certainly feeling Halloweeny here in London...we have a giant half moon soaring over the city, and leaves are crunching delightfully underfoot.

It is London, of course, so the place is full of neo-gothic churches and old graveyards....but somehow, the REAL place for Halloween is, and probably always will be not OLDE ENGLAND, but NEW ENGLAND. After all, not far down the Hudson from Vermont, Ichabod Crane was chased by the headless horseman and displaced Puritan settlers were convinced that the devil lurked in the dark forests of Massachusetts.

So, while I'm having a great fun here, I have to saw, I'm really missing the crisp air of a New England fall, and of course, I'm really missing the chill up the spine that comes with a New England Halloween.

So, imagine my pleasure when I stopped in to Gourmet Knitting Disaster and found that Steve, Kate's Better Half (her description, not mine) has started a new blog entitled "Homemade Halloween" detailing how he built "THE DRAGON" in the back yard. This dragon has helped to Haunt the Haunted Forest in Williston for years, but I've always been proud of the fact that it started off it's life of seasonal menace in MY backyard.

Soooo...if you want to learn how to build a monster, visit Steve's Homemade Halloween! It's great fun!

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