Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fairwell Peter Freyne

There are some mornings, it just doesn't pay to look at the news. A visit to Vermont Business Magazine's website brought the sad news that Peter Freyne has passed away.

Others will write about Freyne's place as a Vermont journalist, but I will also remember Peter as a friend. I got a chance to act opposite him in Green Candle Theatre's production of "The Probable Pirandello's Wife" and was grateful for the chance to get to know the man behind the the reporter- at least a little bit. Since I played his alterego, I was lucky enough to wear the guy's trade-mark Irish Tweed coat in the production.

Burlington being the size it is, I often saw Peter on his bike, in the park, and, occassionally, working his beat. I always felt privilaged to be able to say "Hello Peter!" and get a "Hey, Alex!" in responce.

Fairwell, Mr. Freyne...you will be missed.

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