Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hillary The Movie: Free Speech

Today, I listened to a story on NPR that had me at the edge of my seat. The link to the story is here: Hillary: The Movie Opens At the Supreme Court.

On the one hand, I hate the idea that political speech can be limited in any way (even when it's a movie made by Right-Wingnuts.) If Hillary The Movie looses, then I could see that the right wing could use similar arguments to stop people I agree with.

On the other hand, I can't stand the idea that corporations can fund political speech without being limited and without being forced to reveal who they are.

While I, as a private citizen, may be able to make a tiny You-Tube movie about, say, George Bush...I would have a hard time even securing the rights to the pictures I needed to make my point. Not to mention the ability to travel around the country to get interviews, film on location, etc.

All these things make for powerful story telling-

A large corporation, however, would have no problem doing these things and many more- and paying for a platform and advertising for their movie as well...their speech would be SO much louder than mine that there would be no hope of a fair exchange of ideas....

This is a story worth following.

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Steve said...

It's just tough when they try to make it sneaky. If Michael Moore or Rush Limbaugh makes a movie then the average person pretty much knows what they're getting into, but when they name themselves "Citizens United" and keep it intentionally vague that it gets nasty. I could start a non-profit and call it "People Just Like You Against Bad Stuff" and start proclaiming the evils of blogging and jellybeans if I wanted to.