Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Michelle Bachman-Too Stupid for Words-Tries to tie Swin Flu to Jimmy Carter

Since moving to Minnesota, I've found that I really like it here...however, like every beautiful silver lining, it does come with at least one cloud. In Minnesota's case, that cloud is Michelle Bachmann. Bachmann is rabid, vicious, mean...AND Stupid...in fact, she may very well be the prototype for Sarah "I can see Russia from My House" Palin.

Now, she is blaming SWINE FLU on Democrats.

She says it's interesting that the last time Swine Flu broke in 1976 out was also under a "Democrat" President. Not only is this patently stupid, but it is also WRONG- Gerald Ford, Republican was President in 1976-- holy carp-- can't this woman even take five seconds to look at wikipedia or something before she opens her gaping mouth?

When we first met Michelle she was Pawing all over George Bush at his State of the Union speech.

She next burst into national consciousness when she implied (in the 2008 campaign) that anyone who didn't vote Republican probably hated America...

And now this.

Why the hell is she in office? I mean, really? Aren't there ANY smart Republicans?


Northwest Minuteman said...

Question you asked "Aren't there any intelligent Republicans?".

Answer: Maybe

Question I ask, "Are there any intelligent Democrats?"

Answer: Hell, No!!


Alex said...

Dear Minuteman-

Thanks for dropping by. Michelle Bachman's comment (trying to associate the name Swine Flu with Jimmy Carter- AND getting her history wrong to boot) was patently ridiculous.

At this point, while I am a Democrat (and damn proud of it), what I'm looking for from the Republicans is INTELLIGENT, REASONED debate...as George W. Bush so wonderfully proved WHEN ANY party (even mine) has a monopoly on power, we got trouble.

But instead of arguing cases on their merits...Bachman and (I must say) most of the people you cite on your blog as "Patriots" are nothing but bloviators with no answers...

Where are your party's Goldwater's? Your Eisnehower's? Where are your party's Nixons, even?

What we desperately need now is REAL discussion...and yes, for the next two years, your side WILL lose that discussion...but it doesn't mean that it won't be heard.

I'll listen if no one else will...I don't promise to agree...but I'll listen....

I will NOT however, waste one minute of precious time on blowhard morons like Rush, Culture, and their congressional creatures, like Bachman...