Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Education Spending Wasted...Cut 'em Loose.

Maybe the Mad Hatters over at the Tea Party have a point after all. The United States Census Bureau just released some data on school spending. Here are the results:

The percentage of public school funding from the federal government was highest in
Louisiana (16.8 percent),
Mississippi (16.0 percent)
and South Dakota (15.2 percent)

and lowest in:
New Jersey (3.9 percent),
Connecticut (4.2 percent)
and Massachusetts (5.1 percent).

What this means, of course, is that we in the Blue States are PAYING the taxes but we're spending them on the kids in the Red States. Obviously, it's pretty plain to see that our tax money isn't doing any good- we keep spending, but Louisiana and Mississippi remain too dumb to know what side of the bread their butter is on.


Dave H said...

You want to really get pissed?? Go to your local elementary school and grab a copy of the budget and see where the money goes. (Be it tax payer or Federal funds). I sit on the school board and want to vomit every time we have to take something away from the regular kids because we have to transfer money into special-ed funds. We actually have to pay for Therapeutic horseback riding for a few kids because they have behavioral issues. Bullshit!! Hold parents responsible for making their kids behave, mine certainly did.
I can understand the rationing behind the "No child left behind" law; but how much good is all of this extra spending going to do for them?

Dave H

Alex said...

I can't disagree with you...one of the downsides to the Democratic "We are all in this together" philosophy is that, if it's not constantly reevaluated, then it does begin a slippery slide towards absolute ridiculousness and surrender of personal responsibility.

There are basically two philosophies at odds in America, and there always have been.

One says: We are all in this together. (Left of Center)

The other says: A Man should Stand alone. (Right of Center)

Neither is completely correct..and good government should be a constant readjustment between the two.

Special Ed funds are one thing...giving kids horseback rides because their parents won't discipline them and hold them accountable? That's something else.