Friday, April 08, 2011

A new Podcast....

I think that facebook may have just about killed Rip and Read...and that makes me sad, because I really enjoy writing this blog. Still, by the time I think about writing about it HERE, I've already yacked so much on facebook that I've run out of time to turn around and post to the blog.

But, I am having fun with my former brother-in-law, Jim with a new podcast. Jim and I have always had a lot of fun talking (and laughing about) politics, and for the longest time, we've promised ourselves that someday, we'd try our hand at producing a podcast.

Somewhat to my surprise, that day finally came last week. In our first episode, we covered the imposition of "financial martial law" in Michigan...
MWMB Episode01 by MWMB Podcast And More
This week, we talk about President Obama's reform of the Student Loan program. Jim sees it as yet another government take over, and I think that, since we the taxpayers have taking all the risk of guaranteeing student loans, it's high time we made the profit, too.

I hope you get a chance to check us out...and leave a comment!

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