Friday, January 06, 2012

Fw: MWMB 29: New Year..Same Old S#*t!

Join us dear listener...MWMB discusses what a bummer 2011 was, the EVIL of Canada, a recap  (or is that: kneecap?) of Iowa...and Jim, perhaps surprisingly, ends up being a LOT more worried about the police powers in the new defense bill than Alex was...will Obama lock us up in Gitmo?  Could be.  Geoff (who was actually READY for the Christmas show that we didn't do) gives us "Pipeline for Christmas" and Jim and Alex have three candidates for  this  weeks salute  Also, we answer the question: what can you do with stolen batteries, make-up, and power bars?  Answer: What CAN'T you do?  Give us 20 minutes of your time and we'll give you....this show!  PLUS Alex Geofferies and Jim the Hammer let slip their real identities...you'll be amazed at who they are. (Such a deal.)

Mwmb 29: New Year. Same Old Sh - T! by Mwmb Listen on Posterous

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