Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Your Personal Richness Feedback

I got some really nice feed back on the "Richer Than You Think" link the other day. I wanted to share two of these items with you.

My step-brother, Rene , posted a very thought provoking post on on WherezIt.com. Entitled: "The Importance of Want to our Children" this little piece is well worth reading.

Also, Friend Russell, in the heart of New York City had a good little post on NYCStories in which a trip to Best Buy turns into a long look into the heart of consumerism.

Of course, I am a little dismayed, loyal readers, that in the midst of all of this none of you commented on the fact this THIS WAR PRESIDENT seems to have nothing better to do than take time to make a movie with his DOG.

Speaking of Bush, my dad sent me a link to a very funny (and very tasteless so be careful if you are watching this at work, with young family members or if you have any Christians visiting) movie in which a young couple engages in sexual role playing...THE POLITICAL WAY!! Oooohh Baby!

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Anonymous said...

UMMMM, If you read my blog you would see I wrote a whole story about the dog movie, you penguin hater!