Monday, July 02, 2007

A Long and Winding Road (through the newspaper)

Every morning, as I stroll to the office, I decide how to deal with the temptation to buy a cup of coffee. Do I? Or Don't I?

The deciding factor usually is: Who's working the counter? If it's the proprietor of the shop, then I go in. Because if he is there, not only will I be warmed with a cup of coffee, but generally there will be a healthy dosage of Democratic Party Outrage to remind me that I, like my coffee guy, am on the side of the angels against the forces of darkness.

This morning the question was: "Dude, did you read the series of articles on Dick Cheney in the Washington Post?" I admitted that I hadn't. "Man, NOBODY I've talked to has read 'em. But you gotta read 'em. Scare the hell outta ya. Dick Cheney: your Vice-President- and so much more!"

Okay, well, I gotta read it. So, with an eye toward doing my civic duty, I go to the Post website- but, before I can start searching the Cheney article, my eye was caught by another headline: "Birth of Manta Ray Sheds New Light on Species".

And, I have to admit, this looks a lot more fun than finding confirmation that Dick Cheney eats babies and owns my house. Plus, this paragraph really got my goat and made me ashamed to be an American:
While America was tracking Paris Hilton's jail routine, Japan was enthralled with video coverage of the birth, which was broadcast nationwide on NHK television.

Oh man, why do other country's find such COOL things to obsess about?

At any rate, I'm off to read more about the manta...maybe later I'll follow the coffee guy's recommendation to check out Cheney...but somehow, I think the Manta Ray story will be much more worth my while.

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