Friday, July 13, 2007

Bush Ducks Responsibility for CIA Leak


All I can say about our President is: His Balls must be as Big as Church Bells. He exhibits the sort of bravado and contempt for reality that makes one either a born leader or a born criminal.

Consider the lead paragraph in this morning's AP report:

President Bush always said he would wait to talk about the CIA leak case until after the investigation into his administration's role. Yesterday he skipped over that step and pronounced the matter old news hardly worth discussing.
"It's run its course," he said. "Now we're going to move on."

Back on February 11, 2004, the President sang a different tune::
"If there's a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. . . . If
the person has violated law,
that person will be taken care
[emphasis added] I welcome the investigation. I am absolutely confident the Justice
Department will do a good job. I want to know the truth. . . . Leaks of
classified information are bad things."

...or did he? Read the statement again, and you'll see that the media paraphrased incorrectly. The American people were left with the impression that the leaker, if caught, would be "Fired"...but Bush actually said "taken care of".

See? The Right-Wingnuts are correct...Bush is not a liar...he told the truth: higher administration officials who may have committed the crime of exposing the identity of an American secret agent seem to have been shielded, and Lewis Libby, who took the fall, has had his sentence commuted.

Bush, that stand up guy, kept his word...the leaker WAS "taken care of." Coddled, in fact, like a babe safe in mother's arms.

At any rate, I really love yesterday's "We going to move on" line...

I highly suggest that shoplifters use it while they are being finger printed by police...

...and that little kids who are caught tying tin cans to the tail of the cat use it when their mothers threaten punishment...

As for me, the next time some snake-handling ditto-head starts whining about Bill Clinton's sexual peccadilloes, I know exactly what to say:LessKillMoreBill

"It's Run It's Course. Now, we're going to move on."

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