Thursday, September 13, 2007

Man On the Street: Vermont Style

Last night, I wandered down to Club Metronome for the Obama 08 Rally. I arrived a little late, but got there in time to hear Jeb Spaulding, Vermont's State Treasurer and Vermont's Attorney General William Sorrell, fresh from victory in the Auto Emissions case explain why they were supporting Barack Obama for President.

Just a few days ago, Philip Baruth mentioned that either man would "[give] us easily twice as much Governor for our money as we currently get."

The reasons for supporting Barack Obama, according to Sorrell, included his high intelligence, an comprehensive understanding of America's place in the world, an acknowledgment of the grave threats to our environment, and his deep and abiding respect for the Constitution of the United States.

A president with those qualities, I thought. Wouldn't THAT be a refreshing change.

I also enjoyed watching Audio Dream Cohort and fellow Blogger Neil Jensen do himself proud in his role as Master of Ceremonies. He looked good up there. I also got a chance to plot further with Philip Baruth about what might be next for Audio Dream Theater...and how, exactly, we will overcome the challenges of producing it once I am in London.

But, I have to admit, deep within my hammy actor's heart, the best moment for me was when I felt someone tap my shoulder.

"Are you with the Campaign" asked the young lady standing next to the TV camera.

"No", I laughed, "But I learned along time ago that if you wear a white shirt and a blue blazer to these things, people THINK you are more important than you really are."

She laughed and nodded..."Well, do you mind if we interview you anyway?"


"Don't look directly into the light", said Kate Duffy of Channel Three. It was good advice, because the bar was dark and once the cameraman turned the light on...I felt like I was standing in the path of an on coming train.

The camera's ran. I babbled...and this morning, I went to the WCAX website...and there I am playing my latest role...Alex Ball- as "The Man On the Street"....

Nearly 100 people packed Burlington bar Metronome on Wednesday night -- not for a party, but a politician: Barack Obama, a Democrat for president.

"I didn't want to start paying attention to the campaign this early," said Alex Ball, an Obama supporter from Burlington. "I really didn't. But every time I turned around the guy was just grabbing my attention."

It was a lot of fun. You can read the rest of my moment in the sun at WCAX's website. The story is here:

Of course, it was also a bitter sweet moment. I think Vermont's Obama crowd is going to have a LOT of fun this year...and I think that Democrats are going really feel like celebrating on Election Night 2008. I'm really sorry that I won't be around for the party.

PS- Channel 3 has posted the video- there are also great shots of Bob Boylard (of the House of Lemay), Philip Baruth, and a few other familar faces, too.

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Heather said...

I'm sorry you won't be around too. After reading this I realized that I was surprised you supported him. I don't know why that should surprise me, but for some reason it did. I guess I just don't pay enough attention.

I clicked over to the article, and down at that bottom, it says something about him needing help in New Hampshire. Sadly, this may be true, even though there seems to be a great deal of interest in him among the people I know personally.

I've recently learned not to put to much stock in what I read in the papers around here - a few weeks ago the Fosters Daily Facist ran a headline proclaiming A BLACK MAN COULD WIN THE WHITE HOUSE. After reading the story, I still didn't know if they thought it was good or bad.

A president bringing intelligence to the table...well, it's a start.