Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nature: Red in Tooth and Claw

When I'm bored, under worked, or as is the case today too overtired to work no matter how much stuff I have to do, I'm inclined to Google random images just to look at the pictures.

Today, I Googled "Jaws Movie" and came up with the image at right.

The article, in the Daily Mail, was about a BBC crew filming in South Africa.

But it was the comment string that made me think that I had stumbled on something worthy of a blog post.

A sampling:

I love wildlife but cant watch this programme its so bloodthirsty and sad. Why do they concentrate on the unpleasant aspects of nature?- Jm, surrey

Awsome, poor old seal, but hey thats nature. Swam with 11ft nurse sharks in Jamaica a few weeks ago, really swam, no cage, just snorkel and flippers. Would love to go to South Africa and go down in a cage with great whites.

- Sharon, Chelmsford

Well I for one have got fed up with wildlife programmes, however long it takes to film them. They always end up with something eating something else.

- Jennifer, Interlaken Switzerland

Quite what some people think animals should do for survival is beyond me! Perhaps the shark should have known better and picked up the phone to order a vegetarian take-away...?

- Cara, Surrey

People who are offended by nature have to understand that this is how the animal world is. Something is ALWAYS eating something else, and the animal world is an unpleasant place. Period. The law of the jungle dictates that everything gets eaten at some point.

- Steve, USA

Have we really lost touch of what life is? I mean seriously folks, like a previous post stated... it's nature. Raw and uncut. Oh, has the animal world rubbed your political correct world and sensibility the wrong way... poor sheeple. Why you get upset at what is an obviously natural thing is beyond me. Wildlife programs need to focus on human beings, show some of the dramatic victim/predator situations there, but no - some people can't even stand real animals, let alone there own kind.

Hah! Travel a little more and you'll see real life in all it's raw and uncut horrible beauty.

- ~Z~, Stow, USA

Wow... we have gotten so far away from Nature, and what it is. When I read some of the comments above, I finally am able to understand the rise of the radical right. A dynamic you can almost see playing itself out in this little coment string.

It underscores that those of us who are on the center and the left need to learn to keep a close grasp on reality at all times.


jess said...

If the shark were eating an uglier animal would the response been the same? I doubt it.
We're always protective of 'cute'.

Anonymous said...

I like the word "sheeple". That's a new one to me.