Wednesday, October 17, 2007

London Journey: Interlude

In a story just TAILOR MADE for my dear wife, the following news item came to my attention last week:

IN HIS 24 years as a traffic officer, Chief Inspector Donald McMillan has chased errant dogs, pigs, horses and, once, a wild boar - but never a chicken.

Until yesterday that is, when, at the crack of dawn, he had to contend with 3,000 of them, all terrified and shrieking, after falling from a lorry that had jackknifed on a dual carriageway.

Mr McMillan arrived at the scene - the A80 Glasgow-Stirling road, near Castlecary - at about 6:30am to find chickens everywhere.

It was chaos, and had been since 4:30am when the articulated lorry skidded into the crash barrier on the central reservation and across the outside lane of the southbound carriageway, spewing white feathers in its wake.

Police, vets and chicken catchers were called in, and the road network was gridlocked as the clear-up operation began.

from The Scottsman. See http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1629372007

One can only hope that the rest of the chickens survived.

Meanwhile, it seems that some folks are fed up with the National Health System and have turned to "do it yourself" methods....

LONDON -- A shortage of National Health Service dentists in England has led some people to pull out their own teeth -- or use super glue to stick crowns back on, a study says.

It seems that not ALL the oddity was left at home in the States after all...perhaps I should have brought Walter Wrenchall with me.

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Heather said...

Hmmm..yes, it seems most of them survived. They were pretty shaken up, so to minimize stress, they were slaughtered at a much closed abattoir than originally planned. Very thoughtful of them.