Monday, November 06, 2006

Adding Links - Making Friends

The great thing about having a lot of links on your blog, or your website, is that it makes you look like you've got a lot of friends. Having lots of friends, with lots of links, is a great way to make yourself feel important.

So...it is with great pleasure that I add another link to my blogroll. Today, I welcome Heather, an old friend from grade school. Heather brings a individual outlook to life by filtering things through her unique sense of humor

I've always enjoyed Heather's sense of humor. Particularly when, in 5th grade, she poured water on the sled run, let it freeze, and allowed me to go shooting over a 50 foot embankment at the bottom of the hill. Oh yes. A fascinating sense of humor, Heather has...

So, if the spirit moves you, check out Gourmet Knitting Disaster and enjoy the wry wit of this member of underpaid lower management as she spills coffee, balances on the bureau at 3:00 am, or spends the day with a chicken foot tied to her hair. It's worth the trip.

And, even if you don't go, at least I know that I have friends...because I have links!

1 comment:

Heather said...

In my defense, everything Alex got, Alex deserved. And while I appreciate the fact that you have said I have a "wry" sense of humor, I suspect that's just a nice way of saying I'm a moon-bat.