Saturday, November 18, 2006

After the Party

Well, this is all Democratic Party crap this morning, so you can skip it unless you are REALLY interested. After all, the Democrats control Congress and can work more effectively against the President.


James Carvell seems to have flipped his lid or is working for someone who has flipped her lid. Perhaps this is all a "move" on their part... to get their claws on party leadership.
(See Green Mountain Daily for links, insights, and just to see the pure spleen of the blog-o-crats...I have to admit, Carvell as Gollum is perfect! Why should I visit Commandant Kos' site when I can get intelligent, and some times eerily spot on, uberliberalism right here in the mountains of home?)

But after ALL of the major Democratic Players worked to smooth party feathers after Carvell's post election day dirty-bomb, (Hell, even the Conservative Democratic Blog, New Donkey basically told the Ragin' Cajun to shut up) Carvell came out talking TRASH AGAIN.

Well, yesterday, the AP came out with an article about Dean's response. And yes, the Governor Whomped Butt.

Dean was undetured by the Washington criticism.
"We are going to do the 50-state strategy for the next 150 years so we can be the dominant party power in this country again," he said. "You can't be the powerful party in this country who controls the government unless you are willing to let the people control you. And the only way you can do that is ask everybody for their vote, understand everybody is our boss even if they vote for you or not."

Well, I have to admit, I can't always figure the Good Doctor...however, it's pretty clear that his strategy WORKS. It's also pretty clear that, in many ways, he has picked up on that fighting "never take it laying down" spirit that James Carvell did more than anyone else to infuse back into the Democrats after the Reagan Revolution.

So...I add my tiny little blogger voice to the cacophony of noise: James! Shut UP!

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