Sunday, January 14, 2007

Checking Up:
Dick Cheney Looks at Your Credit Rating

F*@k You!
Have you seen it yet? Of course you have. According to the AP, Dick Cheney, interviewed on Fox News, said today that:

"[T]he Pentagon and CIA are not violating people's rights by examining the banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage in the United States."

Mr. Cheney also mentioned that: "The Department of Defense has a legitimate authorty in this area. This is an authority that goes back thee or four decades."

Let's see, three or four decades. That makes it sound VERY historical, a deep part of the American Tradtion, doesn't it? But just how long ago WAS three or four decades...let's see, now, three would have been....uhm...Watergate? Four would have been...oh, yes, the high of J. Edgar Hoover's power in the FBI....hmmm. I feel like my Constitutional American Liberties, not to mention those unalienable rights endowed me by my creator, are in GREAT hands...don't you.?

Mr. Cheney went on to remind us that there was a war on, and then pointed out that this was all quite legal (which I am actually quite sure that it is), mentioning that this "perfectly legitimate" activity was "was reaffirmed in the Patriot Act."

Gosh, Mr. Dick, I feel better already.


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