Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fox will be the Death of Me Yet.

I really should stop reading What The Right Wing Did Today, otherwise known as Media Matters. I mean holy moth*4 freaking godd*mn ipsofactor pileofcrap HELL!

Did you see what FOX did last night? (I sure as hell didn't, because I don't WATCH Faux News.) They ran a REBUTTAL to the REBUTTAL of the President's State Of the Union!

I mean, the whole purpose of running a response from the Party Out of Power is so that all sides of the issue get aired...so that the American People don't get so blinded by the Pomp and Circumstance and Trappings of Office that come with the Presidency that they forget that there is another side to the issue.

And yet last night, Fox, apparently thought it was "only fair" to let the "other side" have a say after the other side had had it's say after the big dipshit had had his say.

I really am gonna loose my mind before this period of American History is over...it simply feels like everybody (meaning mostly everybody right of center) has gone absolutely completely frickin bananas!

It really does. In fact, I think that must be the new Radical Right strategy: to just drive those of us given to logical thinking out of our gourd with rage, confusion, frustration and shear stupidity...the hell of it is...it's working.

I need to rest my head for a moment....

PS- Oh yeah. Rudy Giuliani did the honors.

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