Thursday, September 04, 2008

Short And Sweet
Leahy's Speech

He was good in Batman, but he's even better in the U.S. Senate. Here is a short and sweet speach by Vermont's own Patrick Leahy...watch the crowd shots of the Vermont Delegation for Philip Baruth and other Vermonters you may know.

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Ethan Slayton said...

Interesting and dissapointingly "light" i.e.; Leahys speech. I'm used to him being more of a verbal Tyrannosaurus rather than what felt like he was campaigning for cheers from the audience. I know he has a number of speech writers, but I guess I would rather see Laehy be a little more serious than "rock and roll". Now I know that it's the mentallity behind the event but that makes it even worse for me. I've been feeling like the DNC was more of a party than a mission statement.
I guess I'd rather the politicians were less interested in screen time. Not that I think Leahy was, and you know I'm biased on the guy anyway, but I've seen him destroy on Vermont This Week and other shows and just be the most awesome speaker imaginable.
This was watered down in my opinion. There wasn't anything there that Leahy was saying that was different than anyone else was saying. "Obama gooooooood! McCain, BAAAAAAAAD!!!"
And I get it. I do. But I want more facts and less pomp.