Friday, September 26, 2008

Show Up, Shorty!

I'm sitting in a San Diego Hotel getting ready to venture out into the world and listening to CNN drone in the background. "Two Big Questions this morning: Will there Be a Bailout? Will there be a Debate?"

John McCain has said he probably will NOT attend the first Debate with Barak Obama- because the Financial Crisis is too important to waste time on Politics.

The really sad thing, to me, is that the whole I idea of "politics" has become so alien to much of the American public, that John McCain thinks he can get away with this.

The reason that we are in this mess is that we, as a people, have spent recent years believing that politics is not important, or that our participation is of no value.

It is in Politics that we, the people, get to have our voices heard. It is during the political process that the navigators of our public policy have to answer to us.

Yet, John McCain has followed the line that "politics" is not important- and so he may NOT come before the American People tonight- even as he auditions for the most important job in the nation.

We, the people, have a RIGHT to see these debates. The last 8 years are probably the clearest example of what damage the WRONG MAN in the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME can do...we have a right, and an obligation, to take a close look this time.

So, to John McCain- show up! We the people deserve and demand it!

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