Thursday, November 06, 2008

For Minnesota It is Not Over: We head into a Recount.

Here in Minnesota, voter turn out was the highest in the nation. Almost 3 million voters went to the polls yesterday. Norm Coleman, the incumbent Republican currently looks like he has held on to his seat by a mere 475 votes. The race automatically heads into a recount.

The Rochester Post Bulletin reports that the recount will cost the tax-payers of Minnesota some $90,000. Coleman,who recently became a target in a civil suit which alleges that some of his supporters pressured fellow business people to funnel cash to the Senator's wife's company, with the express purpose of enriching the GOP incumbent, claims that if it were him, he would "step back" from a recount and let the results stand.

......really? I mean, seriously, Norm...REALLY?

Norm, are you really telling me that you would take all the people who supported you, who gave money (legally) and who knocked on doors for you and throw them right under the bus by "stepping back" in the face of what looks like less that 500 votes...out of 3 million?

I don't know you but is that really the kind of guy you are? If I were a Republican, and you spat in the face of MY hard work and financial contribution that way, I would never forgive you.

If you "stepped back" - it would not be noble. It would be an act of cowardice and a betrayal of those thousands - no, hundreds of thousands- of people who believed in you and went to the polls to make their voice heard on your behalf.

Yes- $90,000 dollars is a lot of money, it is more than many Minnesotans make in a year (most definitely including yours truly), but the idea that $90,000 is "wasted" on a recount is absolute bunk.

When it comes to ensuring that the voice of the people is truly heard, $90,000 is a minuscule amount...a bargain really.

You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting otherwise. I hate to throw the "U" word around, as Michele Bachmann does, but it's almost....UNAmerican of you.

Update: "The Senator is has Reported Every Gift He's Ever Received"

I'm still playing catch up with Minnesota Politics. After hearing Franken speak, it was easy to decide that I was FOR him-- but now that I'm getting to know Norm Coleman and his outfit a little better I...well, wow- can we say: AGAINST?

In my efforts to keep learning, I'm seeking out more Minnesota Blogs. Here's what I found over at MNBlue in a diary by "The Big E"...

In a related scandal to the one above, Norm Coleman has been accused of taking gifts of expensive clothing from wealthy supporters.

So, his campaign manager was asked by the Minnesota Press Corps: Did He? Or Didn't He.

Watch this You-Tube video from the press conference as Coleman's campaign manager Cullen Sheehan does the best stonewalling act since the Nixon Whitehouse.

Holy Cow? Are these people for real? This is such a simple question, guys. If you're honest: Answer.

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Minnesota Central said...

Why isn't anyone talking about how poorly Coleman performed.

There were 630,863 more ballots counted in 2008 than in 2002 when Coleman won. Yet, he only picked up 94,868 more votes and saw his overall percentage fall from 49.53% to 41.99 %.
Obviously, Barkley impacted the race, but Franken increased the DFL tally over the Mondale/Wellstone vote in 2002 and is within a couple hundred votes of being the winner.

Regardless of who ends up winning the final count, he will be going to Washington with 58% of the voters opposed to his selection.

Why did Coleman turn off so many voters ?
Did he get the “give the new guy a chance” votes in 2002 that voters saw his failures by 2008 and voted against him ?
How many Republicans threw Coleman under the under the bus because he wasn’t conservative enough ?
Or was it that voters finally realized that Coleman did not accomplish anything during his six years except blow up the debt and promise more of the same for the next six years ?

My question is what is Coleman doing today ?
Instead of declaring himself the winner (twice), why isn’t he addressing the economic crisis ? He ran ads featuring “his” work to save the Ford plant in St. Paul … where does he stand on extending loans to the auto industry? Is he rallying Republicans, or is he (as he has done in the past) standing on the sidelines waiting until he sees what way the wind blows before leaping on the bandwagon?

Franken was not my first choice and only very reluctantly did I color in that oval, but he cannot do any worse than Coleman and should do considerable better.