Monday, November 03, 2008

Hey! I Know That Guy! Burlington Free Press Profiles Neil Jensen

The Burlington Free Press ran a profile of Neil Jensen on November 1st. Neil was one of the first Vermonters to organize for Barack Obama. I have been privileged to work with Neil Jensen on Philip Baruth's Jim Douglas Trilogy for Audio Dream Theater. In fact, it was Neil, along with Philip who encouraged this blogger to first look seriously at Barack Obama... I didn't take me long to like what I saw.

In addition to being a first class voice for change in Vermont, the Free Press article neglected to mention that Neil also does first class Voices. His imitation of Obama is damn good. His Henry Kissinger is spot on. And he does Al Gore's voice better than Al Gore does.

Read Sam Hemingway's article, Monkton Man Called It Early, over at the Free Press: Here.

And speaking of Vermont Daily Briefing and Philip Baruth....thanks for the hat tip, Philip! VDB posted some additional pics from the Al Franken for Senate Rally I attended the other morning...AND Philip rightly points out that, when it comes to photographic ability....I have a good eye for radio!

Thanks----- My Friends....


Gotta go now...out to knock on more doors for Franken and Obama today.


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