Monday, October 30, 2006

For Vermonters Only

I chose the title, not because I'm an exclusive snob, but because, if you don't live in Vermont, you probably don't have a clue who "Martha Rainville" is. And despite what she is telling us about the earth shattering impact she will have on "The Way Congress Does Business" when she arrives in Washington...trust me...you never will hear of her, either.

In case you are curious, she is the Republican Candidate for Vermont's lone U.S. House seat, and she is positioning herself as a courageous moderate in the Jim Jeffords tradition who will bring the Republican party back to it's common-sense-center self.

And yet, these self-same Republican Radicals that she is working so hard to distance herself from are pouring money into this campaign.


Blogger Phillip Baruth (Thanks, Kate, for bringing him to my attention) thinks he might have a piece of the answer.... I strongly urge you to read his recent posts on Martha...Particularly the one about her early days at a Southern, Christian Military Academy. Whoopee!

Find it at: http://vermontdailybriefing.com/?p=449


Anonymous said...

My better half and I were talking last night about how local politics are global politics. We’ve heard the catch phrase before, it seemed obvious at the time. This interesting Rainville info definitely relates to our discussion. Little threads link so many things don't they? George W. clearly uses big sloppy stitches, but there are others who have finer skills. Cheney for example… I was told that Halliburton has some involvement with Peoplesoft (which is the creepy name of the software package my workplace has chosen to transition to). How did I hear this? A third party tale of two colleagues discussing the Peoplesoft/ Halliburton freebie luggage set one of them sported on a recent trip. True or not, and to what degree I can’t determine. But it is a reminder that yup - everything's connected. I wish more people saw that. It's called "global" warming people. Get it? Think about it. Then vote.

Alex said...

Very, very true. It is amazing how all the strands are connected. And, in this democracy, how much responsibility each of us carries as a result of those "ties that bind".

Thanks for reading!

PS- usually, the word varification tool offers a choice of just random letters...but my code to enter this time was "Pigklop"
...What a great word, I think I shall adopt it.

Anonymous said...

You want local politics, check out the article below on you tube. It has two parts you should enjoy...

Part 1

Part 2