Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Liberal Media?

The Rush Limbaugh fiasco still continues to roar on. What is amazing is that the so-called "Liberal Media" is bending all over itself to make sure that poor Rush gets a "fair" shake.

If you can stand it, without throwing up, I suggest a trip to Media Matters. There you will find a clip from CNN excusing Rush by making the argument that "he's just trying to fire up a base" and that "many liberal voices are doing just the same thing."

We are? Are we picking on the physically handicapped or mentally impaired (I mean, besides the President?) to ram our point home? I don't think so.

Check out the full exchange below, or visit Media Matters for more garbage.

Oh yeah, and the next time some conservative complains about the Liberal Media go ahead an pop 'em in the mouth.

From the 9 a.m. ET hour of the October 25 edition of CNN Newsroom, which also featured CNN anchor Tony Harris:

KING: Well, Rush Limbaugh is trying to fire up a base, like many conservative voices are in this country. Many liberal voices are doing just the same thing. His last statement, where he says Michael J. Fox is out shilling for a Democratic candidate, shilling is perhaps a word some would take as a pejorative. But that fact is, that's a true fact. Michael J. Fox is out supporting Democrats and Rush Limbaugh has every right and every reason, if you do what he does for a living, to point that out.

I think we should take Rush at his word. He has issued this apology.


KING: But, look, Tony, it does two things. It reminds us that in the final two weeks, there's going to be some heated, pointed, some would say inappropriate and distasteful rhetoric. And it also reminds us, though, of the issue, the stem cell debate. It's important in Missouri. It's important in the Maryland race, a few other races around the country. It's a very emotional and divisive issue. And when you have issues like that, sometimes people say things that they later want to take back and wish they had closed those lips.

HARRIS: Well said.

I guess everybody wants to work for Faux News these days.

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