Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Which Proven Strategy?

Here We Go Again...

The Republicans are in trouble. We read in today's Washington Post ("The GOP Leans on a Proven Strategy" -free, but registration req.) the extent of the trouble:

Some conservatives said it is too late. "They honestly need a baseball bat against the head," said Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who helped Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) take over Congress in the 1990s. "Because if they don't change the lexicon immediately, as bad as this election is going to be, they're going to lose the presidency in 2008. I've given up on 2006. They've already made so many mistakes, there's no way they can fix it in two weeks. But I'm worried now they're going to lose all the marbles."

And so the White House invited a veritable mob of slathering, slobbering right-wing nutcases to broadcast conservative comentary from a "Big Tent" on the White House grounds.

This appeal to the zombie-like base is what the Post was referring to when they spoke about "A Proven Strategy".

However, I think the REAL GOP fallback is better outlined in a seperate Post article which also appears today: Report Warns of Potential Voting Problems in 10 States.

The report cautions that the Nov. 7 elections, which will determine which political party controls the House and Senate, promise "to bring more of what voters have come to expect since the 2000 elections -- a divided body politic, an election system in flux and the possibility -- if not certainty -- of problems at polls nationwide."

If we wake up on Wednesday, November 8th, and find that despite the American Public's best efforts to administer that baseball bat to the head, we are still infested with radical righties...I'll be crying...but I'm not sure I'll be surprised.

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